Shipping and return policies for revalverecords

Shipping Info
Prices, Terms Of Shipping & Handling All prices in our mailorder are displayed in € Euro and include VAT (value-added tax, at present 22%). The shipping costs is included. Payment methods we accept: Paypal or Bank Transfer.
All orders will be dispatched through registered mail.

We use Paypal as Payment gateway. Paypal Offers not only the payment through a registered Paypal account but also payment via credit card and other payments methods that don't need a paypal registration
"PayPal" is the new, easy and safe way to pay at Revalve. In addition, payments are received very quickly so that orders can be processed faster.To able to use this payment service, you will first need to register with "PayPal". Registration is free of charge.You'll find all the information you need about "PayPal", the new method of payment.
Return Policy
Your personal info: Name, address, E-mail, wont be forwarded to anyone and will respect the privacy laws (L. 675/96), they will registered on our database and used only for newsletter and other promotion.

Add to Cart
After the purchase In addition to details about the items purchased, you will receive an information mail that confirmed and check the order,

bank transfer (contact us to request data

Terms of Delivery
Usually we send out your order within 2 / 4 days after receipt of your order.

In stock: The order will be dispatched, to the address provided by the customer, within 2/4 days after the pay through registered mail.
Pre - order: The order will be dispatched, to the address provided by the customer, within 2/4 days after the effective release date o of the album.

revalve accept no returns on paid and sent products, unless these are defected or damaged. In any case, we won't refund any money but send another copy of the same item. Please understand that we can not accept returns for material that you don't like or have bought in mistake. If you need to return a damaged product, send an email to : to agree on the terms of this return.